Show quality geese, ducks, chickens

    Celtic Oaks Farm – Brevard Counties ONLY choice for PURE BRED, SHOW QUALITY Poultry & Waterfowl.


We are proud to offer Brevard county a local source for pure bred birds of the highest quality. We select stock for vigor, personality, and those that best fit the breeds standard to pair together for our breeding program. We offer breeds you wont find elsewhere in the county, and at a quality level unmatched.

We look forward to helping you select your next feathered friend, and are happy to answer all questions you may have ensuring you are going home happy and prepared to care for your new bird or birds.


The following breeds of geese will be available during the 2013 season:

  • American – Blue & Lavender
  • Dewlap Toulouse – Buff & Grey
  • Sebastopol – Buff, Lilac, Lavender, Grey, & White


The following breeds of ducks are either part of our program now, or are being added for 2013:

  • Ancona – available in 2013
  • Khaki Campbell – breeding now
  • Silver Appleyard – breeding now


The following breeds of chicken are either part of our program now, or being added for 2013:

  • Easter Eggers – currently breeding – focused on large bodied birds laying mostly blue eggs
  • Light Brahma – available in 2013
  • Swedish Flower – available in 2013


4H and FFA discounts are available, as we greatly enjoy working with the kids and their needs to full fill their projects. We look forward to meeting you and helping you select a breed that best fits your needs.

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