Terms & Conditions

updated 1/1/2017


All buyers of rabbits are held to these conditions, no exceptions.

Before you inquirer

  • Read up on the breed you are inquiring about. We are happy to answer your questions as well
  • Have caging purchased for your rabbit (24×24 for juniors, 24 x 36 for seniors)
  • Have your grooming supplies purchased (forced air blower, slicker brush, stainless comb) If you need recommendations please ask, we are happy to send you links with options to various equipment.
  • We shear our rabbits no pluck
  • We raise them in a climate controlled environment (its Florida after all)



  1. Buyer agrees to pay in full for said rabbit(s) (nonrefundable unless rabbits become injured or pass away)
  2. Buyer agrees to cover ALL transport/shipping costs (including carriers/coop cups, ect if necessary)
  3. Buyer agrees delays in shipping via airline due to temperatures/weather are outside of our control. We will attempt to book and rebook as openings become available. No holding fee is accessed due to these delays.
  4. Buyer agrees to pay kenneling fee if their ground transport delays pick up for any reason. The cost is $5.00 per day per rabbit beginning the day they should have been picked up, until the day they are picked up. This is due to cage space being tied up and continued grooming thatAngora rabbits require. Buyer must PIF prior to rabbits being handed over to transport.
  5. Buyer agrees to the fact that we (the sellers) do not drive beyond 30 minutes one way to meet ground transport. Triple check routes to ensure they are coming near us in FL.
  6. Buyer agrees that pedigrees are mailed to them directly unless rabbits are flying
  7. Seller reserves the right to not send a rabbit with transport if it does not appear clean and safe for the rabbit


  1. 50% deposit (nonrefundable) with balance at pick up to hold rabbit
  2. If buyer is meeting us, buyer must meet within 30 minutes of agreed time at agreed location or forfeit the rabbit(s)
  3. If buyer is picking up at a show we are attending they must pick up before the show begins to allow us to groom for show.


  1. Buyer to inspect rabbit(s) at pick up, and address any concerns at that time
  2. Transporter is to inspect at hand off. We take photos the day of handing off showing health of rabbit(s)
  3. Buyers may cancel at any time, no refunds will be given for the rabbit(s)
  4. Buyers who cancel will have their airline carriers shipped to them via USPS at their expense. Any remaining airline shipping paid will be refund after we provide tracking for the carrier.
  5. Seller is NOT responsible for shipping charges of carriers to us from suppliers
  6. We do not sell pets
  7. We do not sell woolers with pedigrees
  8. Seller reserves the right to not sell to a particular buyer
  9. Rabbits are sold as is, with faults listed, no promise of show placements or future litters are made. We do our best to list faults when rabbits are made available.
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