Bluefaced Leicester (BFL) sheep

“Blue-Faced LESS-ter”

BFL sheep have curly, fine, rather lustrous wool which is one of the softest of the UK clip. The fleeces are not very heavy, only weighing 2.2 to 6.6 lb. They have no wool on the head or neck, although the pattern and shape of the wool is most like the Wensleydale, but having smaller, tighter curls.

Bluefaced Leicesters are recognizable through their Roman noses, which have a dark blue skin which can be seen through the white hair, hence the name. Fully grown rams can weigh up to 240 lb and ewes up to 196 lb. At maturity and at the withers, rams are 35 in tall and ewes 33 in tall.

We are bringing in the first flock of BFL to Florida in early May, 2017, and very much so look forward to breeding in the fall of 2017. Our flock will be used for fleeces (available for purchase), and well as meat. Please join us in welcoming this unique breed to the space coast, and watching the flock grow over the years to come.

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