Baby Goats – feeding guideline

   * * Day one- 2-4oz. [1-3] (per feeding) colostrum, every 2-3 hours.
* * Day two- 3 oz. [2-3] (per feeding) whole milk, 6 times a day
* * Day three- 4 oz.[3] (per feeding) whole milk, 6 times a day
* * Day four- 6oz. [4-5] (per feeding) whole milk, 5-6 times a day.
* * For the next 2 weeks-6-8oz.[4-6] (per feeding) whole milk,5 times a day.
* * For the next 2 months-10-12 oz.[6-8] (per feeding)whole milk, 4-5 times a day.
* * For the next 1 month or 6 weeks-10-12 oz. [6-8] (per feeding)whole milk, 3 times a day.
* * 10-12 oz. [8-10] (per feeding) once a day for the next 2 months.
When dealing with larger babies and babies over 2 weeks of age you can go by baby weight. Figure 15% of the kid’s weight in milk spread over a 24 hour period. A 10lb kid “could ” get away with 4 feedings at 6 ounces each totaling 24 ounces which is about 15% of the body weight in milk- a 15lb kid would need a total of 36oz a day in 9 ounce feedings 4 times per day- this again is a guideline and needs to be increased gradually. Any time you bottle feed a young kid under 2 weeks old it is ideal if possible to offer smaller feedings more often but in the case of working parents this may not always be possible.
Baby goat enema:
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