There is transport available: 

  1. Airline*
  2. Convention in October
  3. Ground transport+
  • * – subject to delays due to temperatures, or weather conditions beyond our control.
  • *- buyer responsible for ALL shipping expenses including airline carrier, coop cups, shipping fee, airport tax, fuel charge
  • +-buyer is responsible for setting up transport, including but not limited to: Paying transporter, providing all details
  • Please see: Terms & Conditions



Fawn French Angora

  • Mudblood’s Glaedr
  • sire: HGF Percy (fawn)
  • dam: HGF Pal (fawn)
  • $200.00
  • Senior Fawn Buck proven
  • nice density, good depth of color, good texture of coat, great rise, full through the loin into the rear
  • available as we focus on steel in our french herd



  • Celtic Oaks Booyah
  • sire: Nevermore Acres’ Moonshadow (chin)
  • dam: Celtic Oaks Fury (black)
  • $175.00
  • Senior Black Satin Angora doe
  • has been shown, 2 legs earned
  • currently sheared, ready to breed or grow back to show
  • Excellent sheen, good depth of ink black color, great texture, good wool growth rate. Good rise, longer in body, but full to the table



  • Celtic Oaks Calamity May
  • sire: Nevermore Acres’ Fergus the Red
  • dam: Oceanside Citrine
  • $150.00
  • Junior Chocolate agouti doe
  • in coat, ready for the fall show season
  • Intense rufus, excellent sheen, great depth of color, good junior ring development. Wide head, well set ear, good rise, full loin and rear. Would like more depth, but she is young and nothing to sneeze at either. (sister retained)



  • Celtic Oaks Shoo Fly
  • sire: Oceanside Spot On (broken chocolate)
  • dam: Celtic Oaks Fury (black)
  • Junior Chocolate doe




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